In a bid to increase green cover in state, a mass tree plantation drive was undertaken on 7th of June 2018. The project was to mark the occasion of World Environment Day, with the plantation of 5000 saplings around the villages of Sonepat and Panipat districts of Haryana.

Mobius believes that adopting clean energy is a must to reduce pollution. The need of the hour is to make eco-friendly sources of energy, like solar, wind and geothermal energy, as they are more accessible and affordable for the masses.

Project Sanjeevani is a part of many ecological conservation projects undertaken by the Mobius Foundation for environmental sustainability. As many as 150 persons, including school students,youths, farmers, Self-help group members, Kisan club members, officials of various departments and NGOs took part in this plantation drive, at ARF R&D Centre of Chidana, Sonepat.

Individual groups have been made responsible for maintaining the health of the plants. We will be monitoring the progress of each group with the well structured monitoring system. The final assessment will be  after two years.

 The whole objective of this project was to create awareness of the environmental benefits of trees among students and farmers. The tree plantation will be monitored by the Mobius Foundation, to measure the success rate of the drive.

Key Stakeholders:

  1. Local Schools (8-10 No.)
  2. Local NGOs 3. Kisan Clubs (8-10) &  SHGs (10-20)

Key Output:

  1. Plantation of 5000 saplings
  2. Engagement of 5000 villagers: students/youth /women/farmers to protect trees for creating a healthy environment.


  1. SDO, Agriculture
  2. SDM, Gohana
  3. KVK Scientist, Panipat
  4. DDM, Panipat (NABARD)
  5. President of 33 Farmer Clubs
  6. Sarpanch, Village Chidana, Sonepat
  7. Sarpanch, Village Kakrana, Sonepat
  8. Sarpanch, Village Shamdi, Sonepat




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