Mobile Health Camps

Mobile Health Camps Phase I

In a demonstration of the sense of responsibility to respond to the long-standing demands of basic health care facilities from the community, we have organised 48 Mobile Health Camps in the remote areas of Sonepat and Panipat districts.

To be organised between June 2018 and March 2019, these Camps aim to create awareness of healthcare and hygiene among 2000 households, which include students, youth, women and farmers.

With education, environment and population stabilisation as its core focus, we aim to instil a sense of responsibility for the environment, through different projects. The Mobius Foundation is committed to support environmental sustainability, strengthening systems with empowering technologies and encouraging healthy behaviour.

We would like to collaborate with a diverse range of public and civil partners, to instil the cause and practices of sustainable consciousness in Indian citizens.

“Sound health is the basis of the overall well-being of a person. The Mobius Foundation is truly proud of creating this platform for the people of Haryana. Through these camps we are looking at the larger objective of creating awareness about health and hygiene among the villagers, which we believe will result in ultimate happiness and well-being.” – Pradip Burman

Mobile Health Camps Phase II

During Phase 2 of Mobile Health Camps by Mobius Foundation, 48 camps were organised in remote areas of Uttar Pradesh- Durana, Ramghar, Mandi, Durana, Naulhta, Sirsad and Gohana.

Project Objective:

The health camps aimed to spread awareness about healthcare and hygiene among the youth, women, and farmers.

Project Execution:

The foundation under its strong leadership adopted a systematic approach in close coordination with local communities to execute this project. The execution process involved:

  • Identification of the villages based on requests from schools, communities and other stakeholders.
  • Supervisor visits to village volunteers at the beginning of each month to fix a date for mobile health camps.
  • The Mobile Health Camps were organised as per the set date and schedule.


  • Through these initiatives, the foundation was able to counsel and treat nearly 3000 patients this year.
  • The highest number of women beneficiaries were recorded during the health camps.


The Mobius Foundation Mobile Health Camps helped the rural communities in Uttar Pradesh to have access to basic health care. It has also created a platform where women can freely discuss their health issues with the medical team and get expert advice.