Khushaal Parivar Diwas

Mobius Foundation celebrated the Happy Family Day or Khushaal Parivar Diwas on 21st January 2021. In sync with the U.P. government’s initiative to promote Family Planning, the foundation organised camps at Trivediganj CHC and Kaisarganj CHC in Barabanki and Bahraich district respectively.

The event was a resounding success with families stepping up to learn more about family planning and adopt contraceptives measures.

The Bahraich family planning desk was led by CHC’s counsellor Mrs Vandana Shukla. Her team counselled 59 people including 3 newly married couples to adopt family planning methods. Out of these, 4 opted for sterilization, 24 were antra cases and 2 were HRPs (High-Risk Pregnancies). The counsellor distributed Pahal Kits to the newly married couple to encourage the adoption of birth control methods. A ‘Pahal Kit’ contains contraceptive pills, condoms, two towels, handkerchiefs, a mirror, comb, bindi, nail cutter and glossy dossier.
To continue our efforts in Bahraich sterilization camps are being organised every first & third Saturday.

In Barabanki the counselling desk was set up under the supervision of CHC’s superintendent Dr Mohammad Khan. The camps had all contraceptive methods available and were much appreciated by the visitors. Over 23 ASHA and Sangini workers joined us with beneficiaries and a total of 49 people were counselled. Out of these 17 opted for sterilization, 3 chose Antra Injections, 2 got UICD and 1 was a HRP. Five newly married couples were also educated about family planning and contraceptive methods.

Through this initiative, Mobius Foundation under its Project Aakar aims to educate couples about birth control methods and conscious family planning. By spreading awareness at the community level, the officials aim to reduce child and maternal mortality rates, decrease high-risk pregnancies, and control the growing population.


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