Mobile Health Camps Phase 2

Mobile Health Camps Phase II

Stepping up for the need of the hour, Mobius Foundation organized 23 Mobile Health Camps in the remote areas of UP – Durana, Sirsad, Ramghar, Mandi, Naulhta and Gohana to create awareness of healthcare and hygiene among students, youth, women, and farmers. Approximately 1700 patients were treated in these camps this year.

Project Aakar Phase II

Mobius Foundation, launched Project ‘AAKAR’ Phase 2, in line with the Government of India’s commitment to promote population stabilization. Project ‘AAKAR’ Phase 2 will focus on the health counselling of married couples and school students falling in the marriageable group of 17 – 20 years. In addition, this project intends to spread awareness about the health impact of early marriage and early child with the help of Community Health Centre (CHC) and Primary Health Centre (PHC).

Project Aakar Phase 2
Sanjeevani - Phase 2

Sanjeevani Phase II

On the successful completion of Phase I, we immediately decided to launch the next stage. On April 8th, 2019, Mr. Burman launched Phase II of Project Sanjeevani with the same goal of environmental sustainability. The launch event was attended by guests from various government departments and environment organisations in Haryana and other states.

Eco Toilets

Eco-friendly toilets are low-maintenance, safe and hygienic. The scientific model followed by these toilets is called evapotranspiration, which is self-cleansing and requires less land. These green toilets also help in generating awareness about sanitation among the masses and gaining community support, hence helping our ultimate goal of a sustainable India.

Hydro Panel

Hydro Panel

Mobius Foundation is the first NGO in India to install hydro panels in rural areas at SIRUC (Sundesh Integrated Rural Upliftment Centre) in Hapur district Uttar Pradesh. This pilot project is a part of many ecological projects undertaken by us towards environmental sustainability. These hydropanels will provide potable water using air and sun, renewable sources of energy.

Livinguard Filters

Access to clean, potable water remains a big issue for a majority of Indian population. To fulfill this long standing need, Mobius Foundation has undertaken a special project to supply clean, drinkable water, free of any bacteria and microorganisms to different rural areas in India.

Livinguard Filters
Atmospheric Water Generator

Atmospheric Water Generator

To mitigate the problem of erratic water supply in rural areas, we have adopted SkyWater’s patented technology to make the most of atmospheric water generators. SkyWater’s system uses cutting edge technology to convert atmospheric moisture content into clean drinking water.

Mobile Health Camp

In a demonstration of the sense of responsibility to respond to the long-standing demands of basic health care facilities from the community, Mobius Foundation have organised 48 Mobile Health Camps in the remote areas of Sonepat and Panipat districts to create awareness of healthcare and hygiene among students, youth, women and farmers.



In a bid to increase green cover in state, a mass tree plantation drive is to be undertaken by Mobius foundation, in collaboration with NGO Saathi on 7th of June. The project is to mark the occasion of World Environment Day, with the plantation of 5000 saplings around the villages of Sonepat and Panipat districts of Haryana.

Project Aakar

Aakar project is an initiative in line with the Govt. of India to promote population stabilization in the country. Piloting in UP, the project aims to educate people on the importance of reproductive health, family planning and increasing the uptake of contraceptives. In support of project Aakar a TVC Dampatti no.1 and a toll free no.(18008439843) was launched to encourage couples to adopt modern birth control measures. Watch the TVC here.


Other Activities & Initiatives

The Foundation has a firm belief that the three Rs, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, will help to achieve an eco-friendly environment. These three steps will also ensure conservation of natural resources, decline in energy consumption and decrease in pollution. There are many such projects and participation by the Mobius Foundation, in various other sectors.

International Conference on Sustainability Education 2019 – ICSE

International Conference on Sustainability Education will provide a global platform to national and international dignitaries to discuss the need of incorporation of Education for Sustainability (ESD), Climate Change Education (CCE) and Environmental Education (EE)in the current course curriculum.

ICSE 2019


Gyan Anant Vidyalaya

As a Sustainable School we will organize the learning around the pre-requisites of identity, aspiration, engagement, and experiential learning:  Students will be actively encouraged to cultivate their personal identity as global citizens who contribute to a sustainable future.

Sustainable School, Gyan Anant Vidyalaya
World Environment School, Coorg

World Environment School, Coorg

Spread over a hundred acres across the beautiful hills of Coorg, the school’s focus is to build strong environmental and moral values among its students. In this endeavour, the school follows the International Baccalaureate programme to turn its students into global citizens. The curriculum also mandates social responsibility and has made mandatory the recycling & re-use of biodegradable products.