Project Aakar

Project Aakar is being supported by the Mobius Foundation, as a part of its community Sustainability Solutions program, with experts on board. It will be implemented in the partnership with local NGO, Kartavya Shila Mahila Aevam Bal Vikas Sanstha.

As the world population grows toward 10 billion, consumption of water, food and energy is expanding at a rate that cannot be maintained without depleting the planet’s resources.Mobius believes population stabilization is a crucial step needed to address global issues like poverty, extinction of species and carbon footprint.

Aakar has been designed to support the Government of India’s commitment to population stabilisation. Special attention has been given to Project Aakar, in synergy with the guidelines of  the Ministry of Health & Family Planning and State policies. It also supports the Parivar Vikas Mission of the Govt. of India.

The biggest challenge of the target group is limited access to information and  the taboo/ barriers/myths that rule their societies.

The Mobius project,  “Aakar”, is focused on building awareness, influencing attitudes, related to contraceptive measures among the target group. This project is strengthening Govt. initiatives, changing the mindset of couples and the community towards family planning measures and easy access to reliable institutions.


The approach combines mass media (TVC), Radio,Celebrity Endorsement (Saakshi Tanwar), Outdoor, Print and Mobile advertising as well as counsellers and influencers-led programs.

We have used all these media to share vital information related to reproductive health and family planning services, through mobile phones which are now the most used devices.

We realised this could be a powerful way of sharing information, in privacy, to couples at their preferred day and time. Dialing (1800 843 9 843) enables the target population to access the vital information on correct reproductive choices and contraceptives.

We have partnered with a local NGO “Kartavya Shila Mahila Aevam Bal Vikas Sanstha” to mobilise  community level counsellors, who will visit the high potential group and equip them with the information to access free services provided by Govt.


 Raising a family is a responsibility. It of utmost importance for every married couple to be aware of their reproductive health rights and have access to quality family planning services and methods.

This is where Zimmedar Hum comes in that aims to provide eligible couples with information and guidance on family planning methods and services available.


    • On-ground Interventions under the Family Planning Program
    • Ensuring proper Family Planning counselling
    • Emphasis on Minilap Tubectomy services, because of its logistical simplicity and requirement of only MBBS doctors and not post-graduate gynaecologists/ surgeons.
    • Emphasis on “Antara” because of its long-term effective, reversible method of contraception.
    • Ensuring male participation.
    • Celebration of World Population Day (July 11 )
    • Demand generation activities in the form of display of posters, billboards and other audio and video materials in the various facilities
    • The Mobius Foundation has launched this strategy for helping to push up the age of marriage of girls and delay in first child and spacing in second child and the couple who adopt this strategy are awarded suitably. This helps to change the mind-sets of the community.
    • The Mobius Foundation is also running a call center for providing free advice on reproductive health, family planning, maternal health and child health etc. Toll free No. is 1800 843 9 843
    • The Mobius Foundation, as a part of its awareness and advocacy efforts in population stabilization, has established networks and partnerships with other ministries, development partners, private sectors, corporate and professional bodies for  spreading its activities through electronic media, print media, workshop, walkathon, and other multi-level activities etc. at the district and block level.




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