Atmospheric Water Generator

To mitigate the problem of erratic water supply in rural areas, we have adopted SkyWater’s patented technology to make the most of atmospheric water generators.

SkyWater’s system uses cutting edge technology to convert atmospheric moisture content into clean drinking water. These units work anywhere as long as they are exposed to fresh air, and make reasonable quantities of clean drinking water based on a wide variety of temperature and relative humidity conditions. Typical working conditions include a temperature range of 20-45 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity range of 30% or higher.

The water produced is safe and clean. When tested for quality by government-recognized labs, the water showed absence of organic and other dissolved impurities. It is an environmentally friendly technology that does not waste large quantities of water, unlike Reverse Osmosis and Desalination systems. An added advantage is the minimal maintenance required when compared to other water filtration systems. SkyWater’s systems require only a simple cleaning of the storage tank and air/water filters every few months.

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