Eco Toilets

‘52.1% of the Indian rural population still defecates in the open.’

This might be just a fact for you, but it is a harsh reality for many in this country. To improve the standard of living in India, Mobius Foundation has collaborated with DownToEarth and Marta Vanduzer Snow to set up eco toilets in villages of Uttar Pradesh.

Eco-friendly toilets are low-maintenance, safe and hygienic. The scientific model followed by these toilets is called evapotranspiration, which is self-cleansing and requires less land. These green toilets also help in generating awareness about sanitation among the masses and gaining community support, hence helping our ultimate goal of a sustainable India.

The project, aptly named “Better Village, Better World”, has funded the construction of eco-friendly toilets in one of the adopted villages of SUNDESH, a socially empowering voluntary organisation founded by Mr. Burman. To make this happen, we shortlisted 16 families in villages Kakaran and Pradhan, finally choosing five of them on the basis of availability of land and other resources. We then installed one eco toilet each in selected houses and introduced residents to the concept of evapotranspiration.

The eco-friendly toilets were both successful and feasible. The test run gave us positive results and we started working on more households till each household in the village had a hygienic and eco-friendly toilet to use.

Driven by sustainability, our ambitious project has already facilitated the instalment of six fully functional eco-friendly toilets in Uttar Pradesh. We are actively working on increasing this count and bringing sanitation & hygiene in India through eco toilets in villages.

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